Cordrey Viti Doll, is a new line geared to help people all over the world tap into their beauty and let them know that beauty is more than skin deep, to let those who have been blessed to be made different know that they to are still beautiful. Cordrey Viti Doll is also all about enlightenment, letting the world know what vitiligo is, so that maybe the bullying, and unawareness could one day stop and we can be looked upon just like everyone else. Have you ever walked through a store and went down the Barbie isle and thought why isn’t there a Barbie like me on that shelf? well soon that is what you will see. For those that don’t know what vitiligo is, It’s a skin condition in which white patches of the skin appear on different parts of the body, the reason for this is the cells that make the pigment (color) in the skin are destroyed.

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